22 most Frequently Asked Questions.

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1. What is asphalt paving?

2. Why are some asphalt surfaces smooth while others appear coarse?

3. Why should asphalt be sealed?

4. What should asphalt be sealed with?

5. What is the difference between raw asphalt and liquid asphalt?

6. Which sealer is best?

7. How often should asphalt be sealed?

8. How long should a sealer last?

9. Are there more than two types of sealers?

10. What causes asphalt to crack?

11. Will sealing my asphalt prevent it from cracking?

12. What can be done about the larger cracks in my asphalt?

13. Is it important to fill the cracks in my asphalt?

14. Why do we apply our liquid asphalt hot?

15. Do any guarantees come with the application of our product?

16. Is our sealer the shiny black one I’ve seen?

17. Will it stay shiny black?

18. How long does it take to turn flat black?

19. Is your product slippery?

20. Aren't some products applied with sand mixed in them to prevent that?

21. What effect does rain have on liquid asphalt when it is first applied?

22. Will sealing my asphalt keep grass from growing through it?